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Why You Should
Join Jotter?

  1. Jotter Is A Invaluable Multi-Funtion FREE Internet Tool.
    Jotter can help you in many ways, such as, to fill in forms, check privacy policy of the sites you're visiting, store information you like, etc. Indeed, before Jotter begin its get-paid program, it has already gained fame for its user-friendly multifuntioning bar. Even if it doesn't pay you, Jotter is worth your downloading and running.

  2. Jotter Pays You To Use At A High Fixed Rate.
    Many many (IF not most) of the get-paid programs first claim to pay you at a high rate, say, $1+/hour;then they will show their heartly sorry by saying, 'Dear valued members, due to the tough market status, we can only pay you $0.08/hour now'! Jotter pays you at a FIXED rate, i.e., $0.50/hour.

  3. Jotter Pays You 6 Levels With Highest Bonus.
    Nowadays many programs pays you 4 levels,5 levels,6 levels, or even more than 10 levels. But you will get only 10% bonus from the first level and then 5% for the sencond and less than 5% for the others! Jotter pays you 10% for the first 3 levels! You do the math!

  4. Jotter Is Among The Most Reliable Programs. $Jotter:free lovers best choice$
    Nowadays even a 3 year old little boy would open a site and say to you: 'hi, guy, come on! Get paid to surf! ' But just take ONE look at their site! What is it?! Cash* even use banners made from free service! I have 8 that kind! Do you ever find the "Trust" mark on those hundreds of Get-Paid-To programs? Very Few! But on Jotter, you can find!

  5. Jotter Does Not Require U To Click Banners.
    Nowadays many GPT programs ask you to keep a clickthru rate, that is NOT a good thing both for you and for the company. For, if you yourself is the advertiser, would you like to spare 3 times more money for those millions of people who have NO interest in your information but are FORCED to click on your banner? I will not. These kind of earning strategies have NO FUTURE. Jotter has future.

  6. Jotter Stands Well & Runs Well.
    I have experienced too many such announcements (especially in get-paid programs) read:' Sorry, we are updating our system to serve you better, this site will be online wihtin 24 hours'. O.K., 48 hours latter, I go there, also that announcement. 480 hours latter, Still that announcement!!! Can you believe them? I have joined Jotter for more than half a year, I never read that kind of announcement!

I just wanna tell you that I love Jotter ! If you have already joined Jotter, value it! If you have not yet,


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