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Whatever you heard or thought of Multi-Level income programs, they are the very means for us 'small potatos' to gain a 'real' extra income, because it becomes harder and harder to get rich without the power of 'leverage'. The question is NOT whether MLMs are good or bad, but whether you have made the right choice.Listed here are only more popular programs which mainly base their income on online services. On this page, you will find short descriptions of Six Figure Income Club, C.O.R.E. Club, eHostingbiz, Leap News, Wise Mules Club, Retire Quickly, and Gold Club.


$ Six Figure Income Club $

Basic Concept You make money by reselling their products (full circle success program, online training, magazines, associating companies' products etc.), and by referring new members to this program.
Compensation Plan From January 2001, Six Figure Income Club changed their compensation plan, now you can make money from 15 different ways. Mainly, you get $10/mon for ever for every member you refer, you get a minimum $9 commission as a member, as a team leader ,you make $2/mon for every member (no matter who refers them)...
Membership You can make money as a free affiliate, but member will enjoy more benefits. You are qualified to member either by reselling one full-circlesuccess subscription, or you yourself subscribe that program ($29.9/mon). That is $20 in fact because you will receive $9 minimum commission as a member.
Team Building Team building is one of the most important parts of any MLM program. Six Figure Income Club employs a method called 'powerline' to build team, this is a linear line, which means ALL the people referred by your upline and upline's upline...will ALL fall under you, you can benefit from them too.
Reliability & Support This program is recognized by BBB (Better Business Bureau), one of the most reliable one of its kind. Support (questions and training and information share) are great.
Recommedation Highly recommended. This is not because I am a member of this program! You may join as a FREE affiliate first to investigate this program if you don't want to trust any one so easily.
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$ eHostingBiz $

Basic Concept This program offer very very cheap website hosting ($5/mon), you can also make money by referring others to host their website. They also offer domain name registration for only $15/year.
Compensation Plan You get 10% of your personal referals, and 10% for all your non-personal referals down to 7 levels.
Membership You become a member once you host your site with their service.
Team Building eHosingBiz uses a 5X7 matrix, that means for every level, you can only have 5 referrals, all the others will be put to the next level. This makes it possible to make money even if you are not good at advertising.
Reliablity & Support Support is wonderful, I always receive reply letters in hours. Reliability can not be judged now.
Recommedation Recommended. While there are companies charge you $30 or more per month for hosting, why not make some money while it is hosted at only $5? .
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$ LEAP News $

Basic Concept The main product of this program is LEAP News magazine, you subcribe and refer others to earn commissions.
Compensation Plan You make $1/referral in your 4X7 matrix.
Membership $10/month to order the magazine.
Team Building Uses 4X7 matrix, which means you can get referrals from your upline.
Reliability & Support Founder Janet Wilson has a good fame online. One of the reliable programs.
Recommedation Recommended. Seems a good program, at least has a neat face.
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$ C.O.R.E. Club $

Basic Concept C.O.R.E. club is a 'benefit club', offers tons of rebate benefits for its members, you can also make money by referring others to share these benefits.
Compensation Plan You make $0.54-1.46/member on different levels.
Membership $9.9/month
Team Building Uses 3X7 matrix, you may re-enter.
Reliability & Support Not all the promised benefits are in effective now. You will receive training for your monthly fee.
Recommedation Recommended Compared to those programs only selling e-products, this one may a good program. But only part of benefits are available.
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$ Wise Mules Club $

Basic Concept You may often receive spamming emails with this subject: '32 pages booklet tell you the secrets of internet', they are promoting this program! The concept of this program is simple: you buy their programs (mainly bulk software and online training), and then resell it to others.
Compensation Plan Gold members earn $1-$20/referral on 6 levels.
Membership $49.95 one time payment.
Team Building 6 levels downline team.
Reliability & Support The founder, Carvin Smith seems to have great experience in business marketing. However, as to my knowledge, they keep losing their ISP accounts because of spamming.
Recommedation Depend on your attitude to spamming. If I have not misunderstood, the main part of this program is collecting and sending bulk emails. If you don't care about this, this may be a good program. I don't like it, however.
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$ Retire Quickly $

Basic Concept Offer online Courses teaching you how to become a business expert and experienced marketer. Members earn commissions by recruiting new members.
Compensation Plan 5%-81% of reselling for different products and on different levels.
Membership Initial cost $54.9 and then $59.9/month.
Team Building 6 level downline.
Reliability & Support No direct data to show the reliability. If I have not misunderstood, this program is run by Kelly Reese's family.
Recommedation Not recommended. $60/month for training seems too much. I am not a member of this program, so I don't know what you will learn from it, but I am doubt if there are any e-courses out there worth that much.
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$ Gold Club $

Basic Concept Gold Club has nothing to sell itself. Its a 'bridge' club in fact, i.e., it builds up the team (downline tree), and then join other programs with that team.
Compensation Plan Compensation plan differ in different partner programs, at this time, GoldClub has 3-4 partners.
Membership Join Gold Club is totally free. But if you want to benefit from it, you must join at least one parter programs, they will charge you $35-$65.
Team Building Gold Club uses matrix to build downline trees, only if you don't advertise yourself, you will have downlines put under you.
Reliability & Support Gold Club began to operate from 1998, that is a rather long history in the cyber times. But the site looks not as professional as it should be.
Recommedation I have to say Gold Club is based on a wonderful concept of team-building. But those parter programs seem not as good as it claims.
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