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Why You Should
Join Epilot?

1. It Can Make You Big Money.
At the rate of $0.03/search or click, and without quantity limitation, you can easily make $1-2/hour!

2. The Bar Is Very Little.
Not like other programs which pay you $0.40/hour but take half of your window to load the bar, epilot is so little that you can easily ignore it if you don't use it!

3. The Company Is Reliable.
The year 2000 sees thousands of "get-paid-to..." programs emerged and emerging on the earth. Many of them are run by ONE student in college or even in high school! The sites they made are surely among the worse sites online if not among the worst. Can you trust them? Epilot is runned by a reliable big company.

4. It Is Really A Useful Tool.
What do you need? Quick search? Bookmarks manager? Newest information? Epilot can do all of these for you! Convenient!

5. It Is Really International.
Being International is a critical feature for "get-paid-to..." programs to succeed, the simplest reason is that, it is online! Epilot is one of the programs which are REALLY international.

Do Not Hesitate!