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Why You Should
Join BasicPoint?

1. It pays you to surf.
The surfbar is now releasing, with this bar, you will be paid $0.05 per ad you view, that is about $1.5-3/hour!

2. It pays you to click.
While many of the Paid-to-click programs pay you $0.03 or even 0.01 per click, BasicPoint pays you $0.07 per click!

3. It pays you to summit URLs.
If you have a website, you may have submitted your URL for thousands of times, ever get paid for that? Here you will be paid $0.05 for every URL you submit!

4. It pays you to refer.
BasicPoint will pay you for referring others down to 10 levels! If you refer somebody to become their 'paid members' you will earn much more!

5. It is international.
Being International is a critical feature for "get-paid-to..." programs to succeed, the simplest reason is that, it is online! Epilot is one of the programs which are REALLY international.

6. It stands well.
Nowadays even a 3-year-old little boy will set up a program which pays you to surf! Look at their site! I've joined one of that kind of programs which has shut down for 2 months! Basic point stand well.

Do Not Hesitate!